Signature Brow Shaping $50lash and brow services

Eyebrow Expert and Brow Artist, Michelle Ranaé, has a passion for shaping eyebrows that borders on the obsessive. The arch nemesis of ugly brows, she measures, tweezes and waxes brows into their ideal shape.

A qualified beauty therapist, makeup artist, and  eyebrow consultant  Michelle Ranaé has over 13 years experience in the beauty industry.

Eyebrow Expert Michelle Ranaé caters to Clients with exquisite taste and desire for a wide range high quality service with experiences.

She strives to maintain a relaxing and professional atmosphere with honesty, loyalty and integrity.


Brow Shaping by Michelle Ranaé : $50

Touch Up by Michelle Ranaé : $45

Brow Shaping: $40

Brow Touchup (2-4 week reoccuring appt.): $35

Brow Tinting or Lightening$15

Brow Trim$10

 I love eyebrows! They are so, so important and can conceal or draw
attention away from facial flaws.
If they are done professionally and are symmetrical, they are as powerful as a face lift.
Great eyebrows make you look younger, sexier and more sophisticated.

Stay Gorgeous,
Michelle Ranaé


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